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Apple will donate to Italy and Silicon Valley during coronavirus outbreak, says Tim Cook

Coronavirus has created a global pandemic and everyone is in need of some help

Apple CEO Tim Cook has offered support to local Silicon Valley initiatives supporting citizens and local business, and has promised donations to Protezione Civile in Italy to aid both during the coronavirus pandemic.

A tweet on Thursday from Tim Cook gave us more information on the types of initiatives the company is taking to help during the outbreak.

The Protezione Civile is the Italian Government's official emergency response department and has been organizing the actions taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Apple hasalready donated over $15 million worldwide, including money donated to San Jose to offset losses from an all digital WWDC.

In an earlier tweet, Cook also declared that Apple would be supporting "Silicon Valley Strong," an initiative from the San Jose district office to help people remain informed throughout and get donations for local business.