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iOS 13.4 introduces CarPlay Dashboard support for third-party map apps

Third-party navigation apps will now be able to add "splitscreen" support in the Dashboard.

Apple with the release of iOS 13.4 on Tuesday added the ability to use third-party navigation apps directly on the CarPlay Dashboard.

CarPlay support for third-party mapping apps was first introduced back in iOS 12, but users were restricted to opening those apps in full-screen view.

Now, with the iOS 13.4 update released earlier this week, CarPlay users will be able to select and view third-party navigation platforms in a split screen-like view on the Dashboard interface.

It's worth noting that Apple has only added the ability for apps to use Dashboard, and developers will still need to implement that support on their end. Two popular services, Google Maps and Waze, don't support the feature, for example. Interestingly, Apple lists both as compatible with the new Dashboard integration on its CarPlay webpage.

Apple's iOS 13.4 also introduces in-call information from third-party apps to the Dashboard, along with other new features like iCloud Folder Sharing, universal purchases for Mac and iOS apps, and support for trackpads and mice on iPad.

Looking ahead, a leaked internal version of iOS 14 hints that the ability to set custom wallpapers for CarPlay units could arrive in that software update.