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GarageBand's Live Loops heading to Logic Pro X in future update

Apple may be preparing to update Logic Pro X by adding a new feature, with a leaked screenshot indicating GarageBand's Live Loops function will be making the transition to the professional music creation tool soon.

Logic Pro X is an industry-recognized music production application, one that offers far more capabilities than the free GarageBand apps can provide to professional musicians and producers. While the two do share many elements and features, it seems one more will be moving from GarageBand to Logic Pro X fairly soon.

Spotted on Reddit, one of the images on Apple's Education Products site shows Logic Pro X, but with a screen that includes elements not currently offered in the currently-available version. The screenshot, shown on a 16-inch MacBook Pro, appears to show Logic Pro X's version of GarageBand's Live Loops.

Added as part of an update in January 2016 for GarageBand on iOS, Live Loops is a grid-based music creation tool inspired by DJ hardware controllers and drum machines. By triggering looped instruments and samples in cells, users can create a composition, one that can be arranged and remixed live, with GarageBand keeping all of the beats in sync.

Apple hasn't announced any new features incoming to Logic Pro X, so the inclusion of the screenshot on the education page seems to be an inadvertent leak by the company itself. The appearance of the image strongly suggests an update including the feature may arrive soon, but there is no indication of when that would take place.

The feature leak surfaces a few days after Apple made a major change in how it offers trials of Logic Pro X. On Thursday, users could download and try out the production tool for a 90-day period instead of 30 days, a change that is likely to be beneficial as more people spend time at home to avoid the coronavirus pandemic.