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iPhone SE (PRODUCT)RED purchases contribute to COVID-19 relief fund

The iPhone SE (PRODUCT)RED will contribute directly to the COVID-19 relief fund

When you purchase a (PRODUCT)RED iPhone SE, Apple will contribute directly to the COVID-19 relief fund.

In its continued efforts to help fight against the global pandemic, any (PRODUCT)RED purchase made on Apple's website will directly contribute to the Global COVID-19 Relief Fund, including the new iPhone SE.

AppleInsider spotted the change on Wednesday morning, but it is unknown when the rest of the website changed. Apple quietly updated their website to show the change, and contributions will continue until at least September 30.

The iPhone SE goes on sale April 17
The iPhone SE goes on sale April 17

This is in addition to all of Apple's other efforts in the fight against coronavirus. So far Apple is involved in many funds and has donated millions to local and global efforts. They have even joined with the Emerson Collective to create the America's Food Fund.

Apple has donated over 20 million masks to US health facilities and are creating their own designed face shields as well. Additionally, an event coming soon, called One World: Together at Home will air on April 18, and Apple has donated $10 million in funding.