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Apple planning on releasing 23-inch iMac, 11-inch iPad Air in 2020

A new 23-inch iMac and 11-inch iPad Air may be coming in the second half of 2020.

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Apple is reportedly planning on releasing a new 23-inch iMac and an 11-inch iPad Air in 2020 as part of a broader lineup of more affordable devices in 2020.

The iMac, last updated in March 2019, is currently available in 21.5-inch and 27-inch variants. Apple revived the iPad Air lineup in September 2019 with a third-generation model packing a 10.5-inch display.

On Tuesday, a new report from The China Times, spotted by Mac Otakara, indicate that lower-cost refreshes for both of those products are coming in the second half of 2020.

The report claims that the 2020 iMac will have a 23-inch display and could ship early in the fourth quarter of 2020. It's said to be a replacement for the smaller 21.5-inch iMac, and may be more affordable.

This would not be the first time Apple has used a display similar to the purported 23-inch version in the report. In 2007, Apple created a 24-inch version of the iMac.

Apple is also planning a lower-cost iPad Air with an 11-inch display, The China Times reported. Beyond claiming that mass production will ramp up in the third quarter, the report is relatively light on details.

In March, however, a Twitter account with a short history of accurate leaked information suggested that Apple was planning a new iPad Air for 2020 with a mini-LED display, no notch and Touch ID underneath the screen.

The China Times says that ongoing production issues due to the coronavirus may have disrupted plans to produce mini-LED backlighting en masse, suggesting that mass production for new backlighting may not materialize until 2021.

Notably, the publication notes that the rumored 23-inch iMac and 11-inch iPad Air are part of a broader wave of affordable devices that kicked off with the iPhone SE in April.