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Apple's over-ear headphones may be called 'AirPods Studio' & retail for $349

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Apple's next release in the AirPods family could be its long-rumored over-ear headphones, a leaker claims, with the larger personal audio accessory tipped to have the name "AirPods Studio."

Years of rumors have suggested Apple was working on an extension to its audio lineup from its in-ear offerings, such as the AirPods range. Some have even pointed to a possible launch this summer, but a tweet claims to have uncovered the name.

The Saturday tweet by serial leaker Jon Prosser forecasts Apple as "sticking with the 'AirPods' branding for their new over-ear headphones." The audio accessories will apparently be called the "AirPods Studio," have the codename B515, and will cost $349 when it ships.

Prosser previously discussed the codename and pricing in April, with the name being the new information. In the earlier tweet, Prosser said Apple was aiming for a WWDC 2020 launch for the headphones.

In terms of what to expect from the headphones, a 2018 note by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested the use of an "all-new" design for premium over-ear headphones, ones which would retain the wireless capabilities of AirPods. Given the pricing it is plausible for active noise cancellation from the AirPods Pro to be a feature in the AirPods Studio.

While Prosser is new to the Apple leaks scene, he has a long-standing one for other manufacturers. He has an excellent track record as it pertains to Apple products, and has accurately reported codenames and expected release dates of products sometimes weeks in advance.