New images show off scrapped third-gen iPod touch with camera

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Photos of a prototype third-generation iPod touch in a private collection surfaced on Twitter Wednesday, showing off a design with a centered rear camera that never made it to production.

Giulio Zompetti, a developer who collects Apple prototypes, shared new images of a device in his collection: a prototype iPod touch with a rear-facing camera. The images give us a clear view of Apple's ultimately scrapped design. It's worth noting that no Apple device has had a centered rear camera.

The "iPod touch 3" did not come equipped with a rear-facing camera, but leaked images of apparent prototype devices illustrate that Apple was exploring the possibility.

In 2009, images showing the prototype third-generation iPod touch design were leaked to the public. Around the same time, AppleInsider reported that technical issues would likely derail plans to include a camera on the iPod.

Later teardowns found that the third-generation iPod touch actually had internal space for a camera.

Apple eventually added two cameras — and a microphone — to the fourth-generation iPod touch in September 2010.


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