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Apple Stores in France to reopen June 9, Spain and Turkey for June 8

Apple Champs-Elysees

Apple has added more stores to the list for reopening in early June, with stores in France set to reopen on June 9 while locations in Spain and Turkey will reopen on June 8.

Continuing the ongoing program to reopen all of its stores following a preventative shutdown over COVID-19, Apple is increasing the number of stores that will be operational over the next week. Following news of three stores in the United Arab Emirates being opened up for business on June 8, more locations in three other countries are also preparing to open up.

In France, all 20 Apple Stores will be reopening on June 9, reports 9to5Mac, including the major outlets in the Champs-Elysees, Marche Saint-Germain, and Opera. One day prior, alongside the previously-announced UAE stores, seven stores in Spain will be opening up, as well as the two locations in Istanbul, Turkey.

The new openings will mean that Apple will have opened up all of its stores in four more countries by the end of the week, with Spain's seven reopenings building on top of the existing four open locations. Once open, this will also mean Apple will move from having 142 of its 239 stores outside of the United States open at the start of the week to 174 by the end of the period.

Customers visiting the stores will have to do so following new policies designed to minimize the spread of COVID-19, and to keep staff and visitors safe. The wearing of masks will be mandatory, with customers being asked health questions before entering stores, with a limited number of customers allowed in at a time.

Only five countries where Apple has retail outlets will be left without any of the stores opened by the end of the week: Brazil (2), Mexico (2), the Netherlands (3), Singapore (2), and the United Kingdom (38).