ElevationHub brings USB-A & SD card reader to Apple's USB-C charger

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Elevation Lab's new ElevationHub brings some cord management and some additional connectivity to Apple's USB-C power adapter.

ElevationHub connects to the USB-C port on Apple's iPad Pro, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro and brings back cord management after Apple ditched it with the switch to USB-C. Instead of the pop-out "wings" that Apple used to use on power adapters, the ElevationCord wraps around the power adapter and is retained with a velcro strap.

The adapter also includes a USB 3.0 Type-A port and an SD card reader which interface with a Mac or iPad Pro through the USB-C port. That port passes through power, provides USB 3.1 type A connectivity, and an SD card reader.

ElevationHub is a great MacBook Air or MacBook Pro companion
ElevationHub is a great portable Mac companion

Users can use Apple's own USB-C cable that has USB 2.0 speeds, or can upgrade for $10 to Elevation Lab's USB 3.1 Type-C cable which can handle faster data speeds at 5Gbps versus the 480Mbps with Apple's power cable.

Charging is limited to 60W. This is sufficient for full power on an iPad Pro, 13-inch MacBook Pro, or 2020 MacBook Air. However, it isn't enough power to charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro at full speed, or maintain the larger MacBook Pro's battery at full charge while the computer is under load.

ElevationHub is up for preorder today for $49.95 direct from Elevation Lab's website with the USB-C 3.0 braided cable and $39.95 without. At launch, there is also a 20 percent disount with code TIDY.


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