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Apple in-store Mac trade-in program officially launches in U.S., Canada

Mac owners can now take their devices to their preferred Apple Store to receive credit toward a new purchase or to cash it out for an Apple gift card.

Announced earlier in June, Apple's official launch of its Mac trade-in program has officially started.

The program will allow customers to trade in older Mac devices in return for credit toward a new purchase. While in-store trade-ins of products like iPhones and Apple Watches have been available for some time, Mac trade-ins were previously restricted to an online program.

While the program launched in the U.S. and Canada as of June 17, it may not have rolled out in all areas. AppleInsider encourages anyone interested in trading in their Mac in-store to call ahead to make sure your device will be accepted.

As the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing, it may be worth checking whether your Apple Store is fully open, serving customers by appointment only, providing curbside-only support, or closed. Our helpful list has shows which locations have opened and in what capacity.