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Emoji search is coming to iOS 14, iPadOS 14

The ability to search emoji, long available on Mac, will arrive in iOS and iPadOS 14.

After years of user requests, an option to search emoji characters on iPhone and iPad will finally arrive with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

The feature, which has long been available on macOS, will allow users to type emoji descriptions in a new search field, saving users from sorting through all of the emoji characters available on iOS and iPadOS.

Apple says that the new search option will appear in the native emoji keyboard, suggesting that it'll be present across any app.

"Enter a commonly used word or phrase such as 'heart' or 'smiley face' and you will be presented with the corresponding emoji to choose from," Apple said.

The company previously attempted to address the issue with emoji replacement in iOS 10, a feature that has carried forward to iOS 13. After typing text, users tap the emoji input button to scan the message for potential matches. A novel approach, the system's accuracy is spotty and is thus limited in its utility.

iOS 14 will also introduce a new App Library and widgets feature, picture-in-picture mode for videos, and the ability to set third-party apps as the default for browsers and email clients.