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Cook touts Apple TV+ awards success, says show production delayed

Apple CEO Tim Cook on the company's quarterly earnings call on Thursday confirmed that production for a number of Apple TV+ shows is still delayed due to the coronavirus.

When asked about the status of TV production for Apple TV+ originals, Cook said that it has indeed been affected "as I think it has for most people."

"We are working to get restarted, but there will be some impact," Cook said. Cook added that while setbacks were still prevalent around the world, shows that are shot in the Los Angeles area are especially hard-hit due to the state's current case load. For instance, The Morning Show filmed most of its first season in Los Angeles.

Cook went on to tout the recent awards success of Apple TV+, referencing a "history-making" 95 awards nominations with 25 wins. He also mentioned the success of Greyhound with Tom Hanks, a movie that debuted as a service exclusive in July. On Wednesday, it was announced that Apple TV+ received 18 Primetime Emmy Award nominations across six shows, setting a record for a new streaming service in its first year of eligibility.

The six nominated shows were The Morning Show, Beastie Boys Story, Defending Jacob Central Park, Home and The Elephant Queen.

The 95 awards figure applies to all award nominations since the launch of Apple TV+, including the Primetime Emmys, the Golden Globes, and the daytime Emmys, the latter of which Apple won two of on July 27. Apple has also been nominated for SAG Awards, Critics Choice Awards, NAACP Image Awards and also a Cinema for Peace International Green Film Award, although the company's movies have yet to be nominated for an Academy Award.

Apple has never announced a solid number of subscribers to Apple TV+, but Cook did say during this year's WWDC keynote that Apple TV+ was on a total of 1 billion screens.