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Google updates Exposure Notification system, first US app coming in 'weeks'

Credit: Apple

Google on Friday announced updates to the Exposure Notification System that it created in partnership with Apple, and said that the first U.S. app to use the framework will debut soon.

Exposure Notification officially launched to public health authorities in May. The framework allows those organizations to build cross-platform apps that complement traditional contact tracings in tracking and curbing the spread of coronavirus.

According to an update from Google, the ENS is currently in use across 16 countries and regions. Though no U.S. state has officially launched an app using the framework, Google says 20 are "exploring" the option.

Google also says that the first app using the ENS system in the U.S. is set to roll out "over the coming weeks."

After consulting with public health authorities since launch, Google has also launched an update to the Exposure Notification API with changes to its features and functionality.

For example, the framework is now more accurate and reliable thanks to new Bluetooth calibration values and under-the-hood improvements. Additionally, it supports data interoperability between countries.

Public health authorities will also have "more flexibility in determining the level of risk associated with that exposure based on technical information from the API," and Google has also increased "clarity, transparency and control for users."

More information about the changes can be found on the Google or Apple webpage for Exposure Notification.