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Unreleased first-gen iPod touch shown with Mac Pro-like black coating

Alleged unreleased black first-generation iPod touch (via @DongleBookPro)

Photographs of an allegedly unreleased version of the first-generation iPod touch have appeared online, with the pre-release editing shown to have a glossy coating that supposedly matched the 2013 Mac Pro.

The original release of the iPod touch consisted of a mobile device with a mirrored metal cover for the rear side, complete with Apple logo engravings, and regulatory text. The new images suggest that Apple was considering going down a different path altogether before opting for the shinier alternative.

The photographs released by @DongleBookPro on Twitter show what is claimed to be a "Never Released" first-generation iPod touch. While it has all of the hallmarks of the released version, complete with large display and a black fascia, the rear is somewhat unusual as it isn't the shiny metallic and mirror-like backing consumers actually received.

The photograph of the back shows a shiny black cover which has, according to the tweeter, the "same coating as the 2013 Mac Pro." Unlike the finished model, there isn't any engraving on the back, which would be expected for an unreleased prototype.

The note about the Mac Pro-like appearance is interesting, as the 2013 Mac Pro and its shiny black cylindrical casing was released six years prior in September 2007.

The first-generation iPod touch shipped with 128MB of memory, options for between 8GB and 32GB of storage, and used a 3.5-inch 480x320-resolution display. By contrast, currently sold seventh-generation models offer between 32GB and 256GB of storage and use a four-inch 1136x640 display.