Twitter gains custom hashtag for #AppleEvent through September 28

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A Twitter hashtag for #AppleEvent has newly been given a blue Apple logo, and will exist on the social media platform until close to the end of September.

The customized hashtag for Twitter came into existence early on Tuesday, hours ahead of an expected announcement concerning Apple's annual September event. The customization simply consists of the Apple logo in blue, tacked on to the end of the hashtag #AppleEvent.

According to the Hashflag Browser, the hashtag in question has the added image for mentions running from September 8 until September 28, with an official name of "AppleEvent2020." As there has yet to be any word on when Apple plans to hold the next event, the period of time suggests Apple will still hold it sometime in September as usual, rather than delaying it to October.

Companies typically pay Twitter for custom images added to specific hashtags to try and boost engagement and to promote coverage of events. It is highly probable that Apple paid Twitter for the tag, rather than a third-party.

The surfacing of the custom hashtag occurs while members of the media and commentators await an announcement from Apple, one that is likely to offer details of when the event in question will take place. The "iPhone 12" is widely anticipated to be the main subject of the event, though there have also been discussions of other product launches, such as the "Apple Watch Series 6," the "iPad Air 4," and "AirTags."