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G2H camera & the new HomeKit-enabled AppleInsider Studio, on the HomeKit Insider podcast

HomeKit Insider: A new AppleInsider podcast

This week on HomeKit Insider, we detail the latest news, try out the G2H HomeKit camera, and answer user questions. Plus we've got a walkthrough for you of all the HomeKit functionality going into our new video studio.

This week saw what might be the power of HomeKit fans, or it might have all been just a mistake. LG has seemingly backpedaled after it revealed it had no plans to support HomeKit on selected 2018 models. Now it says oh, yes, it will. We'll see, but we're hopeful considering how loudly the HomeKit audience complained.

Next, Hue and August have announced a collaboration which allows you to trigger your Hue lights when you lock or unlock your August system.

As always on HomeKit Insider, we talk through a few user questions including some in-depth conversation on the best way to rip Blu-rays to stream on an Apple TV as well as some useful tips for contact sensors.

Finally, we end the episode talking about the new AppleInsider video production studio. It will be full of HomeKit functionality and we are actively looking for some other cool ideas to improve the studio as construction continues.

Stay tuned for more!

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