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Apple Watch workouts missing GPS data for some users

Some Apple Watches are reportedly not recording GPS route data

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A number of users on watchOS 7 are reporting that their Apple Watches are failing to record GPS data from their walk workouts, including when using the Strava fitness app.

Apple's support forums currently lists over 1,300 people claiming to have found that the Apple Watch Outdoor Walk activity is failing to record GPS data when people do not also have their iPhone with them. In most cases, the Health app reportedly records the starting point of a walk, but nothing for the rest of the route.

In some cases the data is not being sent to the Strava fitness app. However, other people say that route data is not being recorded in Apple's Health app either.

The Apple support thread includes people saying they've had this problem with watchOS 7 from Apple Watch Series 3 to Apple Watch Series 6. Apple has yet to comment publicly on the issue, but a users in the thread claim to have been told different answers from Apple Support.

Some say that Apple has promised a solution in an update to watchOS 7. Others have said that support staff have said that the solution depends on Strava.

In the thread first spotted by MacRumors, some users say backing up, unpairing and re-pairing the Watch fixes it.