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How to compare the sizes of the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone SE, and iPhone 11

Apple's new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini

It's one thing to read the dimensions of a new iPhone, but it's quite another to see them side by side. Here's a guide to the sizes of all the current iPhones — plus the original iPhone SE for reference.

Apple quite rightly made a big deal of just how little the new iPhone 12 mini is. But knowing it's small, and even knowing that it's 131.5mm (5.18 inches) by 64.2mm (2.53 inches) doesn't give you a feel for what that will be like in your hand.

Little will, really, unless you got the entire iPhone range and tried them out in person. However, you do have an iPhone and now with this downloadable PDF guide, you can compare yours to the new models.

We have included the original 2016 iPhone SE for comparison, but otherwise this is the entire 2020 iPhone range — as compared to the entire 2019 one. See just what the difference is between an iPhone 11 and an iPhone 12, for instance.

And see for yourself just how much bigger the iPhone 12 Pro Max is to the iPhone 11 Pro Max from last year.

Inside the PDF, you'll find full-size photographs of each model and you can print them out to compare. Download the embedded PDF below, and print it out whenever you need. The guide is specifically a visual reference to comparing the sizes, but you can also read the precise measurements right here:

  Height (mm / inches) Width (mm / inchess)
iPhone 12 mini131.5 / 5.1864.2 / 2.53
iPhone 12146.7 / 5.7871.5 / 2.82
iPhone 12 Pro146.7 / 5.7871.5 / 2.82
iPhone 12 Pro Max160.8 / 6.3378.1 / 3.07
iPhone SE (2020)138.4 / 5.4567.3 / 2.65
iPhone 11150.9 / 5.9475.7 / 2.98
iPhone 11 Pro144 / 5.6771.4 / 2.81
iPhone 11 Pro Max158 / 6.2277.8 / 3.06
iPhone SE (2016)123.8 / 4.8758.6 / 2.31

When you print out the visual guide, do note that — as Apple found out recently with its PDF size guide for the Solo Loop — everyone's printer is different. To make sure that you know what you're seeing is the correct size, we've included a scale on every page. After you print the guide, measure the scale with a ruler to ensure accuracy.