Belkin releases new GaN chargers and Wemo outdoor HomeKit smart plug

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Belkin has introduced a new Wemo-branded HomeKit outdoor power outlet in time for the holidays, as well as a new trio of GaN chargers at various wattages.

Wemo outdoor smart plug

The first new product is a new Wemo smart plug intended for use outdoors. It connects over Wi-Fi and allows you to control two outlets simultaneously. It works with Apple HomeKit, as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Unfortunately, you cannot control each outlet individually, they must both be toggled on or off at the same time.

This comes just before the holidays when people start decorating the outside of their homes with holiday lights. If you connect your lights to a Wemo Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug, you can schedule the lights, turn them on and off with the sunset, automate them based on other HomeKit accessories, and control them with your voice.

New GaN chargers

Belkin is also highlighting its new lineup of USB-C PD GaN chargers. These come in 30W, 60W, and 68W outputs. The 60W, Belkin says, is the smallest of its size in the U.S.

The 30W and 60W have a single USB-C port, while the 68W has dual USB-C ports. GaN has many benefits over silicon, which is what is traditionally used. It keeps a lower temperature and can handle higher currents, which allows it to be smaller and more efficient.

These are also available now. They start at $29.99 for the 30W; $49 for the 60W; and $64.99 for the 68W, which also comes with a USB-C cable.


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