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Pandora adds HomePod, HomePod mini integration

Credit: Apple

Ahead of the launch of the HomePod mini, Pandora has introduced Siri voice command support for Apple's lineup of smart speakers.

Apple first announced that Pandora would introduce integration with HomePod and HomePod mini back in October. At the time, the company said the support would arrive "in the coming months."

Just a few weeks later, Pandora has added HomePod support in its latest 2010.1 release, which should be available as of Monday.

Users who download the update can set up HomePod integration by opening the Pandora app on their iPhone, selecting Profile and Settings, and tapping on Connect with HomePod. The integration will allow users to control music and podcast playback with Siri voice commands.

Apple's new HomePod mini is set to become available for preorder on Nov. 6 before shipping to the public on Nov. 16.

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