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MagSafe Duo Charger gets first regulator approval from Korea

MagSafe Duo Charger (Source: Apple)

The announced but still forthcoming MagSafe Duo Charger from Apple has received its first known approval from a regulatory body, this time in Korea.

Apple's previously announced MagSafe Duo Charger still does not have an official release date, but it has now been approved by a regulatory body in Korea.

Unlike the ECG feature of the Apple Watch, which had to be approved by a health regulator based in South Korea, this approval comes from Korea's National Radio Research Agency. It's the equivalent of the US FCC and is the last barrier before the MagSafe Duo Charger can go on sale in the region.

Previously, NRRA approval has typically required two to four weeks testing. This would mean Apple probably submitted the MagSafe Duo Charger around the time Tim Cook announced it.

Detail from the Korean regulator's database
Detail from the Korean regulator's database

Apple itself has also imposed extensive regulations around all MagSafe accessories being made by third-party companies.