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John Hodgman returns to critique Apple Silicon advancements

Credit: Apple

John Hodgman, the co-star of Apple's popular "Get a Mac" ad campaign, returned during the company's Nov. 10 keynote to portray a PC criticizing the new Apple Silicon Macs.

The "Get a Mac" ad campaign featured Hodgman's PC character alongside Justin Long playing a Mac. Ad spots always opened with Long saying "Hello, I'm a Mac," and provided a contrast between the bumbling and uncool PC character and the casual and creative Mac.

"Why make all these advancements? What's the point?" the PC character asks.

"Oh, you're so quiet now. Look, I'm a machine. I'm proud of it," the PC says. "Longer battery life? Plug it in. Where you going? Just plug it in. Fast? I'm fast. I'm still fast. I still got it. I've always been there, I always will be."

Long's Mac character did not make an appearance in the video.

The popular "Get a Mac" ad campaign ran from 2006 and 2009. In 2010, Adweek declared it the best advertising campaign of the first decade of the 21st century.