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Google releases Chrome build that runs natively on Apple Silicon

Credit: Google

Google has released a new build of its Chrome browser with support for Apple's new proprietary M1 chip.

The Apple Silicon M1 chip is based on a different architecture than Intel chips. Although M1 Mac owners would be able to run Intel-based Chrome using Rosetta 2, Google has provided a version that runs natively on Apple Silicon.

When users navigate to the Google Chrome download page now, they'll be prompted to choose between two versions of the browser: one for a "Mac with Intel chip," and one for a "Mac with Apple chip."

The company is also providing a simple set of instructions on how users can check what type of processor they have.

Apple Silicon support is also rolling out with other new features in the Chrome 87 update, including a reduction in CPU usage, a 1.25-hour increase in battery life, and a 25% faster opening time.

Although it was possible to run the Intel version of Chrome on an M1-equipped Mac, some users ran into problems with it. As such, it's recommended that M1 Mac owners opt for the appropriate Chrome build.