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Apple releases new HomePod mini 'The magic of mini' ad spot

Tierra Whack in "The magic of mini" ad spot

In this whimsical and sometimes bizarre ad spot, Apple shows off its HomePod mini with hip-hop artist Tierra Whack having some fun in her own little world.

The ad spot reflects some of Apple's more high-end production videos for the holidays. Some featuring families coming together or Frankenstein's monster looking for happiness.

The video opens with musician Tierra Whack listening to her AirPods Pro and a song about being sad. Her scarf seems to grow longer and longer as she tries to hide from the world.

She gets home to tell her normal-sized HomePod "Hey Siri, turn it way up" as a much happier song plays. Things get wild as a small version of Tierra Whack steps out and a HomePod mini appears.

The HomePod mini is now available to order. It has many of the same features of the larger HomePod with a great sound and better pairing and processing.