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Exclusive: Ferrite developer talks App Store commissions and controversy on the AppleInsider podcast

Ferrite on iPad

Wooji Juice, maker of the popular iPad audio editing app Ferrite, talks about Apple's new Small Business Program, the 15% commission it will offer certain developers, and how this may affect us all.

Wooji Juice is a one-man app developer based in the UK that makes apps for iPad and iPhone like Ferrite Recording Studio. That one man, known as Canis, has been publishing on the App Store since it launched — and he's now able to apply for Apple's new Small Business Program.

The headline feature of that program is of course that Apple will cut its commission from 30% to 15% for companies who annually make under a million dollars through the App Store. Canis shares his thoughts on the new commission rate, and how it will impact both developers and users.

He also recounts some of his early experiences publishing apps in the App Store, plus gives an inside take on the work it will take to get Ferrite running properly on M1-based Macs.

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