Limitations in HomeKit Secure Video plus Eve's macOS app on HomeKit Insider Podcast

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Testing the new Logitech Circle doorbell camera in the real world has turned up some interesting shortcomings in HomeKit Secure Video. Plus Eve's macOS app is out, while the iOS 14.4 beta brings U1 benefits to HomePod mini, all on the HomeKit Insider podcast.

The primary topic for this podcast episode surrounds the recent release of the Logitech Circle View Wired Video Doorbell — and what it tells us about HomeKit Secure Video.

Andrew details the many benefits of this new smart home accessory. That includes the basic specs, plus exactly how well the installation process goes, and just how the doorbell works in real life.

However, it's that testing which raises bigger issues over Apple's HomeKit Secure Video. While it is a great feature to have, it isn't ready for your front door. It falls short in a surprising number of ways, and we walk through all of them so you can make a more informed choice about whether to use it or not.

Of course, we round out the show with a sampling of user questions as well.

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