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VOCOlinc Cool Mist HomeKit humidifier launches in the US

VOCOlinc Cool Mist

VOCOlinc's Cool Mist air humidifier has officially launched in the US, making it one of the first in this under-delivered HomeKit category.

The VOCOlinc Cool Mist is a smart Wi-Fi connected humidifier that works with Apple HomeKit. The only other humidifier models include a little-seen Delonghi model and the smaller VOCOlinc FlowerBud.

Aside from acting as a humidifier, the top portion is illuminated as a soft accent light that is capable of changing to 16 million colors. There are five different levels of control for the humidifying mist and the integrated humidity sensor allows you to set your preferred room humidity. Once the Cool Mist hits your desired humidity, it will automatically shut off.

It is also made from antimicrobial materials to help prevent bacteria build-up.

With HomeKit, you can schedule and automate the humidifier to only kick on when you're in the room or at certain times of day. You can also control the humidifier via Siri.

VOCOlinc Cool Mist
VOCOlinc Cool Mist

VOCOlinc previously released the FlowerBud which acts primarily as a HomeKit-enabled oil diffuser but did work in small spaces as a humidifier. The Cool Mist is designed primarily as a humidifier from the start and can fill much larger rooms.

The FlowerBud only had a 300mL water capacity while the Cool Mist has 2.5L and can run for up to 30 hours.

VOCOlinc's new Cool Mist HomeKit air purifier is available now on Amazon for $69.99.