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Tim Cook speaks out against attacks on Asian population in San Francisco

Apple CEO Tim Cook has pledged to support aid groups working to help combat violence against the Asian community.

Following a series of assaults against Asian Americans in San Francisco, Tim Cook has added Apple's voice to those of local civil rights groups condemning the violence. Cook's comments state that Apple is against "racism in all its forms," also comes after violent protests in Myanmar.

According to National Public Radio, the Bay Area violence, is rooted in racist, xenophobic rhetoric that claims Asian Americans are responsible for the coronavirus.

As with previous pledges of financial support to aid and humanitarian causes, Cook did not specify either which groups or how much money Apple would donate. Apple does regularly contribute one-off donations to such causes, though, and it is currently funding an ongoing Racial Equality and Justice Initiative with $100 million across the US.

In Myanmar, mass protests have followed the military coup that captured leader Aung San Suu Kyi. President Biden and the United Nations have called for the military to release the leader, and restore democracy.