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Apple closes all stores in France for COVID lockdown

Apple is closing its Apple Stores in France as the country enters its third coronavirus lockdown.

While Apple Stores have been generally returning to normal worldwide, Apple has now shut all 20 in France. The closure is effective from Saturday, and there is no indication yet of any expected reopening dates.

"We will soon close temporarily," says a notice on the Apple Opera Paris's site (in translation). "For the moment, we are open for the collection of current online orders, and assistance at the Genius Bar for appointments already scheduled before Saturday, April 3."

According to MacGeneration, the closure is until further notice. This closure includes ones in French city centers, which had previously been able to continue operating in January's lockdown.

Notice on the Apple Opera store's website

Specifically, Apple Stores in Lille, Bordeaux, Montpelier and the two within the city walls of Paris, are now closed as well.

The move to close retail locations comes in the week that France has closed its schools for at least three weeks. Certain lockdown measures were introduced across the country in March, but now all non-essential stores are to shut from Saturday, April 3.

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