How to rename an AirTag

Apple offers suggested names for your AirTag, but you can also choose your own

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If you chose the wrong name during setup, or simply want to change it now, you can rename your AirTag in just a few steps.

Apple offers you many suggested names for your AirTag when you set one up, and you do need a name. Apple hopes you'll buy many, many AirTags and unless you're spectacularly unlucky, you'll probably only lose one device at a time.

The suggestions are intentionally generic, though, so if you chose "Keys" during setup but now want to put this AirTag in your backpack instead, you can change the name.

How to rename an AirTag

  1. Open the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac
  2. Choose Items
  3. Find your AirTag in the list and tap to select it
  4. Swipe to bring up the full information panel about that AirTag
  5. Tap on Rename Item

This takes you into the same naming selection you had during initial setup. So you can again pick from one of Apple's suggestions.

Or you can again set your own name for the AirTag.

L-R Open Find My and choose Rename Items to change the name of your AirTag
L-R Open Find My and choose Rename Items to change the name of your AirTag

How to set your own name for an AirTag

  1. Do the above and then scroll to the bottom of Apple's suggested names
  2. Choose Custom Name
  3. By default, you can now tap on an emoji to use that as the name.
  4. Or you can instead tap above the emoji, where the old name is
  5. This dismisses the emoji and brings up a regular keyboard for you to type what you want
  6. Tap Done

Also, a quick suggestion — if you have not chosen to personalize your AirTag from Apple, that's fine. But if you have a bunch of them and are planning to "float" them between devices, you need to figure out a way to label them. We're looking at a couple of solutions, but so far, our best temporary choice is tiny, adhesive, colorful dots.

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