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Twitter adds App Tracking Transparency prompt in latest update

Credit: TwitterCredit: Twitter

Twitter has added a new splash page asking users to enable ad tracking in compliance with new Apple App Tracking Transparency rules in iOS 14.5.

In version 8.65, Twitter users will begin seeing a new popup asking them to enable ad tracking to "keep ads relevant." Tapping on "Continue" will bring users to Apple's Settings page for ATT.

Apple released iOS 14.5 with ATT on April 26. After that date, all developers on the App Store are required to ask permission from users before tracking them across other websites and apps.

Recent data suggests that only 4% of users will opt in to ad tracking — though that figure has risen slightly over the past few days — with roughly 96% asking an app not to track them.

In contrast to companies like Facebook, which has a vocal critic of the feature, Twitter has been relatively quiet. Back in February, Twitter said that ATT would have a "modest impact" on its revenue.

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