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Mini LED MacBook Pro may face supply constraints at launch

MacBook Pro

The impact of new coronavirus outbreaks in Taiwan is set to constrain production of mini LED screens, but won't delay the forthcoming MacBook Pro.

Apple continues to be expected to launch two new MacBook Pro models featuring mini LED technology, in the second half of 2021. Recent rumors suggested that they could even be delayed into 2022, but a new report says they remain on schedule.

According to Digitimes, sources within the supply chain say that while Apple could launch on schedule, mass production might then be delayed. It would mean that supplies of the new models would be constrained, as is reportedly happening currently with the new mini LED iPad Pro.

Rather than being caused by issues with the production yield that are affecting the iPad Pro, Digitimes sources say the concern is over a potential rise in COVID cases. The coronavirus is currently affecting Foxconn and Wistron in India, and if the recent surge in northern Taiwan continues, volume MacBook Pro production may slip to Q4 2021, or Q1 2022.

Digitimes has a strong reputation for its industry sources, but a considerably weaker one for the conclusions it draws from the information it gets.

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