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New 14-inch and 16-inch Apple Silicon MacBook Pro, redesigned Mac mini in pipeline

Apple Silicon

A new report claims that Apple will launch multiple new Macs, including redesigned Mac mini, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro lines starting in the summer.

Apple has previously committed to moving all of its Macs to Apple Silicon within two years, but now that transition is said to include redesigns of even the existing new M1 Macs. A new report claims that the MacBook Pro models will see a revamp in summer 2021, while the successor to the M1 will be in a redesigned MacBook Air to come at the end of the year.

According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to offer the MacBook Pro with two different processor options. Reportedly codenamed Jade C-Chop and Jade C-Die, they both feature 8 high-performance cores, and 2 energy-efficient ones.

These 10-core processor versions will vary by having either 16, or 32 graphics cores. Bloomberg says that the new processors will feature an improved Neural Engine.

RAM and ports

Both new MacBook Pro models will come with a redesigned chassis that, as previously predicted, includes a MagSafe charger port, HDMI, and SD card support.

The two models are also said to support up to 64GB of Unified RAM, up from the present maximum limit of 16GB. They will offer more Thunderbolt ports than at present.

It's a similar claim for other Macs. Apple is said to be planning another revision of the Mac mini, which will use either or both of these new 10-core processors. In this case, Bloomberg reports that the revision will give the computer four ports instead of two.

Bloomberg says that the Mac mini could be delayed, or even cancelled, however. It similarly claims that a revision to the 27-inch iMac had also been in the works, but development was paused in favor of the 24-inch model.

M1 successor

Bloomberg says that Apple is further working on what it describes as a direct successor to the M1. Reportedly codenamed Staten, the M1 replacement will have the same number of computing cores, but they will run faster.

It will also come with an increase in graphics cores from the present seven or eight, to nine or 10.

Apple is claimed to be intending to use the same Staten processor in a revision of the 13-inch MacBook Pro. It has no timetable for that, however.

Last of the Intel processors

Although Apple has said it will continue supporting Intel Macs, and there have even been rumors of a new one, even the current M1 models do include some Intel technology. Specifically, they all have an Intel USB Retimer, which helps power USB-C and Thunderbolt ports.

Bloomberg claims that Apple is preparing to replace Intel's version with its own design, possibly from 2022.

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