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Apple's Lisa Jackson sees 'economic opportunity' in Clean Energy Standard

Lisa Jackson, Apple Vice President, Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives

Apple's Lisa Jackson believes that a shift to the Clean Energy Standard will benefit everyone, despite how the move troubles people who are worried for their current jobs.

Lisa Jackson, Apple Vice President, Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, has reaffirmed Apple's stance on renewable, clean energy. Speaking at the Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) summit, she backed the plan for a US-wide approach.

According to Forbes, Jackson talked about steps being taken now, plus how businesses need clear guidance as they move to comply with clean energy requirements.

"We support the passage of a Clean Energy Standard which we think will drive large amounts of renewable generation, or new renewable generation, and do so in a way that shows people where they need to go and what they need to get there," said Jackson.

"[It will need] clear interim targets to motivate progress along the way," she continued. "We believe strongly that we need private sector accountability. We also believe that transparency is really important to build trust."

"What you manage is what you measured," said Jackson. "When you measure it, you start to be accountable all throughout the organization."

Jackson nodded towards those concerned about economic disruption and job loss a result of a shifting environmental perspective.

"[It's] an economic opportunity for your community... it's not going to take jobs away, it's going to bring opportunity in," she said. "[Overall] net-net, we are better off as a community [but government needs to give] communities a seat at the table in those discussions that are happening."

Apple itself is in extensive discussions with its suppliers, said Jackson. "We've made very clear, frankly, that by 2030 we're requiring [them] to use clean energy, and it needs to be 100%," she said.

"So [we're saying] work with us now in these 9 years remaining so we can all get to clean energy together," added Jackson. She also revealed that the company is aiming to help suppliers share information between themselves, on how to transition to clean energy processes.

Jackson's comments about how "clean energy is good business, plain and simple," match what she and Apple have consistently been saying. In April 2021, she told the Washington Post that Apple is funding a $200 million Restore Fund to work on forestry projects, for example.

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