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Mophie introduces new MagSafe lineup with vent mounts, charging stands, and more

Mophie has announced its new Snap collection, a line of magnetic products designed to work with the iPhone 12 lineup.

Mophie's newest product drop is designed to take advantage of Apple's new MagSafe charging standard and features vent mounts, phone stands, chargers, and more. Many products in the Snap line also include a Snap adapter, a magnetic ring that can be attached to any Qi phone, enabling it to work with Snap products.

Snap Wireless Charger

Kicking off the collection is Mophie's Snap+ Wireless Charger, a 15W charging pad designed to work with the iPhone 12 line. This simple charging pad works as an alternative to Apple's official model and includes a Snap adapter, a magnetic ring that attaches to the back of non-Magsafe phones to allow them to use MagSafe accessories. The Snap+ wireless charger retails for $34.95 on Mophie's website.

Snap Vent Mounts

For those who use their iPhone as their primary navigation tool or music player in their car, Mophie has announced two vent mounts, perfect for holding your phone steady while you commute.

The Snap Vent Mount snaps clips into your car's vent, allowing you to use your iPhone to easily follow GPS directions, control your music, or make hands-free calls. The head of the mount swivels, allowing you to tilt and rotate your phone to the perfect position and supports both horizontal and landscape viewing angles. It is available for $29.95.

For those who want to charge their phone while they drive, Mophie also has the Snap+ Wireless Vent Mount. Virtually identical to the Snap Vent Mount, this mount includes a removable charging puck that offers 15W of charging for the iPhone 12 line. The Snap+ Wireless Charging Mount is available for $49.95 from Mophie.

Snap Stands

Also included in the newest releases are two stands. The Snap+ Wireless Stand is a 15W charging stand is designed to charge your iPhone in portrait or landscape mode. This stand also includes a Snap adapter, a magnetic sticker that allows you to convert your non-MagSafe phone into a device that can be placed on the stand. You can pick one up from Mophie for $59.95.

For those on the go, Mophie has also released the Snap+ Powerstation stand. It's a portable 10,000mAh battery that can charge your MagSafe phone on the go. An adjustable fold-out stand allows you to use your iPhone for watching movies or making video calls, and a standard tripod mount allows you to attach it to a wide range of mounts and stands. It is available directly from Mophie for $69.95.

Snap+ Juice Pack Mini

The Snap+ Juice Pack mini is a wireless 5,000mAh battery that attaches magnetically to the back of your MagSafe compatible phone, perfect for keeping your phone topped up on busy days.

The Snap Juice Pack mini can be purchased from Mophie for $49.95.

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