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Xbox Game Pass launches on iPhone, iPad

Get three months of Game Pass Ultimate with the purchase of Backbone One

Xbox has launched a Safari-compatible version of its Game Pass streaming service on iPhone, and select controller partners are offering three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free.

Xbox Game Pass exits closed beta testing, and is now available via Safari on iPhone and iPad to all Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Users can stream games and play with their touch screen or external controllers.

Apple doesn't allow native game streaming apps on iOS or iPadOS, but Microsoft is able to run Game Pass from the Safari browser. Like with Nvidia GeForce Now, users need only add the streaming service website to their Home Screen for easy access to the service.

Once added, Game Pass will appear as an app icon and launch a Safari window without the usual UI surrounding the page. Then, users will only need to log in to their account to begin playing games.

Alongside the Game Pass launch, Xbox has partnered with select controller retailers for a special offer. Those who purchase the Backbone One or new Razer Kishi will get three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Both controllers snap onto a user's iPhone and connects via Lightning. They transforms the iPhone into a facsimile-gaming handheld complete with a game launching system through a dedicated app.

The Razer Kishi grips the iPhone with its attachment system
The Razer Kishi grips the iPhone with its attachment system

Both controllers offer similar functionality and attachment mechanisms. The difference will lie in customer preference — the Kishi having thicker chassis and grip versus the Backbone One being slimmer, but less compact for carrying.

The Backbone One can be purchased for $99 through the Backbone website. The Razer Kishi can be purchased via Razer's website.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is normally $14.99 per month and can be cancelled at any time.

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