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T-Mobile now lets iPhone users easily test out its network via eSIM

Credit: T-Mobile

T-Mobile is now offering owners of an unlocked iPhone with eSIM support the ability to easily test drive its network for 30 days without any additional hardware or hotspots.

Customers can now download a specific app and follow the instructions to try out T-Mobile's network almost immediately, according to Light Reading (via The Verge). No billing information is required, and the program doesn't change a user's phone number or current carrier plan.

The trial lasts for 30 days, or until a customer uses 30 gigabytes of data, whichever comes first. However, interested users will need an unlocked iPhone XS or newer running iOS 14.5 or higher. Owners of an iPhone 12 will also be able to try out T-Mobile 5G network.

Although the program uses a customer's number by default, participants can also choose to use a temporary T-Mobile number for calls and texts if they want.

The new trial feature is an expansion of T-Mobile's existing Test Drive program, which typically involves a free 30-day trial of the carrier's network using a mailed hotspot device. T-Mobile told The Verge that the trial is a pilot program introduced earlier in June.

Users can find more details about the program and download the Test Drive app at this link

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