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Brydge announces new Brydge 11 Max+ keyboard for 11-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air

Brydge has debuted its latest keyboard, the Brydge 11 Max+, designed as a less expensive alternative to Apple's 11-inch Magic Keyboard for iPad.

Announced on Thursday, the new Brydge 11 Max+ boasts the same features as the other keyboards in Brydge's lineup. This includes a native, multi-touch trackpad, a Magnetic SnapFit case, instant-on connectivity, and adjustable backlit keys.

The Brydge 11 Max+ is compatible with the 11-inch iPad Pro as well as the iPad Air 4. It connects to iPad via Bluetooth 5.0 and has up to three months of battery life per charge.

Those looking to preorder the Brydge 11 Max+ can head to Brydge's site, where it retails for $199.99. Devices are expected to start shipping in September.

If you've preordered the Brydge Air Max+ and would like to upgrade to the Brydge Pro Max+ 11, the company suggests that you reach out to their support team before July 7.

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