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HomePod beta reportedly causing overheating issues, damage

Credit: Apple

A beta version of the upcoming HomePod Software 15.0 update is reportedly causing significant overheating issues and other problems for testers.

According to multiple posts on a recent Reddit threat, the HomePod Software version 15.0 beta is causing overheating issues. In some cases, the problem is significant enough to cause a shutdown or logic board damage.

"I advise to unplug anyone of your HomePods that are hot on top leading to your logic board failing or have the issue on audio os 15 where Siri can't pause music when it is playing music, touching the top will only skip it," the original poster wrote.

Other Reddit users chimed in with their own experiences with HomePod Software 15. One person reported that both of their HomePods were getting abnormally hot, while another reported issues with their original HomePod.

The issues are made worse by the fact that the original HomePod is discontinued. Additionally, there's no way to easily downgrade to a prior, stable HomePod Software version once a beta is installed.

Under the terms and conditions of Apple's beta software program, the company isn't liable for any damages resulting from a beta, so damage to a HomePod isn't covered under warranty. More than that, the HomePod's beta program isn't technically a public initiative.

Apple doesn't offer a traditional beta testing program for HomePod. Instead, only invited users can install an AppleSeed beta. However, HomePod device profiles have been leaked online via third-party websites, meaning that owners who aren't part of the program can install the beta firmware.

It's highly recommended that users refrain from installing beta software on their primary devices. If you notice your HomePod getting abnormally hot, it's also recommended that you unplug it and leave it off.

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