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Apple ad spot highlights Ping iPhone capabilities of Apple Watch

Credit: Apple

Apple has shared a new ad spot highlighting how an Apple Watch could help users find a misplaced iPhone — even if it's literally lost in a haystack.

The short ad features a local rancher and his dog driving down a country road. When they arrive at a haystack, the rancher uses his Apple Watch to ping his iPhone, which is hidden within the pile of hay.

"An iPhone that's lost is easily found. Relax, it's iPhone + Apple Watch," Apple wrote in the video's description.

The ad is a riff on a "needle in a haystack." It features country song "Searching (For Someone Like You)" by Kitty Wells.

Apple highlights features of its products routinely via ad spots. Typically, videos focus on new features, however. The ability to ping an iPhone from an Apple Watch has existed since the wearable was released.

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