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Twitter working on Sign in with Apple support

Credit: Brett Jordan/Unsplash

Twitter is seemingly working to bring Sign in with Apple integration to its iOS app, according to backend features currently hidden from public view.

Evidence of Sign in with Apple support for the Twitter app was uncovered by Jane Manchun Wong, a well-known researcher who has a long track record of uncovering upcoming or hidden features within apps.

According to Wong's research, there are several works-in-progress that could point to support for Apple's sign-in system. That includes a new entry description for connected accounts, a settings page, and the CSP header of Twitter's HTTP response.

Sign in with Apple was released back in 2019 to let Apple ID holders easily create accounts on other platforms. While it works similarly to other sign-in systems, Apple's version aims to be privacy-preserving and allows users to mask their email address from third parties.

While Apple allows third-party websites to adopt Sign in with Apple, its usage is not required unless specific criteria are met. For example, if an app lets users create an account using another platform — like Google or Facebook — then they must also offer Sign in with Apple as an equivalent option.

The Twitter for iOS app doesn't offer any sign-in options beyond its own. Back in June, Wong found evidence that Twitter was working to include integration with Google's sign-in system, which would necessitate support for Apple's, too.

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