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App store classics 'Alto's Odyssey,' 'Angry Birds Reloaded,' 'Doodle God Universe' now on Apple Arcade

Apple has rolled out out three new versions of App Store classic games to Apple Arcade, including "Angry Birds Reloaded," "Alto's Odyssey: The Lost City," and "Doodle God Universe."

On Friday, Apple has expanded its Apple Arcade lineup with three new titles. The titles are rebuilt versions of classic games, so they technically count as "Apple Arcade Originals" instead of "App Store Greats."

However, the three titles are from existing series that have done exceptionally well in the App Store.

"Alto's Odyssey: The Lost City" is the classic sandboarding game with a new biome added. Play through the standard levels and unlock new content by finding new paths or collecting coins.

"Doodle God Universe" is redrawn with new graphics with classic gameplay. Control each of the four elements to build your world and complete tasks.

"Angry Birds Reloaded" is a fully remastered version of the classic game. Slingshot the birds from the movie franchise and use their new powers to help defeat the pigs.

To play the new titles, you'll need a subscription to Apple Arcade, which allows you to play on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV.

New buyers of any of these devices get three months of Apple Arcade for free. Once the free trial expires, the service costs $4.99 per month.

The game service is also included in each of the Apple One bundle tiers, which start with an individual plan at $14.95.

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