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Apple ceases iOS 14.6 code signing, blocks downgrades from iOS 14.7 and above

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Apple on Monday stopped signing code for iOS 14.6 following the release of iOS 14.7 last week and iOS 14.7.1 today, meaning users are now unable to downgrade to the previous operating system version.

Apple issued iOS 14.7 a week ago with support for the new MagSafe Battery Pack and improvements to Apple Card Family. General performance enhancements and security fixes were also included.

Earlier today, iOS 14.7.1 was released to remedy an issue that prevented Apple Watch from unlocking iPhones with Touch ID. The update also closed a potentially serious security hole that was exploited in the wild.

Users who updated to iOS 14.7 or iOS 14.7.1 can no longer download or install the now out-of-date iOS 14.6 operating system.

Apple routinely stops signing legacy code after the release of a new iOS build in part to protect customers from nefarious actors attempting to take advantage of newly discovered vulnerabilities. In addition to security, preventing users from downloading older code allows Apple to keep more iOS devices on the latest, feature-rich software.

The company has not yet released an iOS 14.8 beta, but work on the upcoming iOS 15 milestone release set to debut this fall is ongoing. That update will bring a slew of new system tools and enhancements to first party apps like FaceTime, Maps, Messages, Safari and more.