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'iPhone 14 Pro' may come with titanium alloy frame or enclosure in 2022

Future iPhones may come with the option of a titanium alloy case

A new analyst report claims that Apple will use a titanium alloy chassis or internal frame in the "Pro" models of the "iPhone 14."

In a note to investors seen by AppleInsider Investment firm JP Morgan Chase's China office has reported to its clients that Apple intends to introduce a titanium alloy to the iPhone for the first time. Apple has already used titanium in some Apple Watch models, for the physical Apple Card, and at times for the PowerBook.

Titanium's toughness, though, is only achieved when it used as part of a titanium alloy with other metals. Titanium is also prone to smudges from fingerprints, and its finish can be unattractive. Apple is therefore certain to be using an alloy, and it presumably addresses these issues.

JP Morgan also claims that the interior of the "iPhone 14" range will see greater changes than that of the forthcoming "iPhone 13." It suggests that Apple expects next year to be another "supercycle," with its new features driving greater than usual upgrades just as 5G did for the iPhone 12.

The report also backs up previous claims by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that there won't be an "iPhone 14 mini." Instead, there will be two models with 6.1-inch screens, and two with the larger 6.7-inch displays.

JP Morgan has an excellent reporting accuracy on Apple's financial situation. It has less visibility on Apple's actual plans, however, and while it may report what's going on inside the supply chain, its timing on release is generally off.