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Apple increases China earnings by nearly 60% in June quarter

Apple in China

Apple's earnings for Greater China in Q3 2021 were up 58.2% from the same time in 2020, rising to $14.76 billion.

Apple's weak 2019 earnings in China now seem even further away, as the latest financial earnings figures again show a considerable increase. While Q2 2021 had a more dramatic 87.5% rise over Q2 2020, the latest quarter figures still represent 58.2% from the same time in the previous year.

"It was an incredibly strong quarter," said Tim Cook. "It set a June quarter revenue record for Greater China for us and so we're, we're very proud of that and [of] doing the best job we can to serve customers there."

Quarterly revenue from Greater China
Quarterly revenue from Greater China

"We had a particularly strong response to the 12 Pro and the 12 Pro Max," he added, "those results were particularly strong in it, but if you look at the balance of our products, we also saw June quarter records for Wearables, Home and Accessories for Mac and for Services [in China]."

Cook later said that roughly two-thirds of iPad and Mac users were new to the products, while some 85% of Apple Watch buyers were fresh adopters.

"So it was sort of across the board," added Cook, "and we're seeing plenty of new customers come to the market, for example, [with the] Mac and iPad. About two thirds of the customers who bought in the last quarter were new to that product. For the Apple Watch, that number was 85%."