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Tim Cook confirms employee return to Apple Park pushed to at least October

Apple return to work plan pushed to October

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Apple employees won't be required to return to offices until at least October, says CEO Tim Cook.

The delta variant of COVID-19 has created a new wave of cases across the United States, so companies like Apple have pushed plans for a return to work back to October. The plan initially had employees returning in September, but health threats from the pandemic bring everything into question.

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke with CNBC about the change in plans. A short excerpt from the call was shared via Twitter.

Apple has shown a strong desire to bring its workforce back to its offices as soon as is reasonable. Pushback from employees working from home have done little to change this stance.

Apple prides itself with its top-notch work environments, multimillion-dollar facilities like Apple Park, and its ability to create new technologies when in-person. The work from home change was made out of necessity for the pandemic, but Apple wants to get things back to the status quo.