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OtterBox Folding Stand for MagSafe perfectly angles your iPhone

OtterBox has launched its Folding Stand for MagSafe, a compact stand for the iPhone 12 that combines Apple's charging system with a desk stand that can angle the iPhone however you want it.

The OtterBox Folding Stand for MagSafe is a weighted mounting point for the iPhone 12. The stand features a hinge, which allows the attached iPhone to be ideally positioned at the right angle for different applications, such as video calls at a desk or streaming video on a couch.

A MagSafe Charger is required to work with the stand, which can be placed into the main holder, while the cable is fed through the dock's body. To keep the cable tidy, the base incorporates a section to coil the cable around, to minimize any excess cable between the stand and the outlet.

Once the MagSafe Charger is installed, compatible iPhones can be mounted to it in portrait and landscape orientation. When not in use, the hinge allows the top section to lie flat on top of the base.

Made from polycarbonate and aluminum, the stand has a synthetic rubber weighted base to minimize slipping on a desk. A premium finish is claimed to resist scratches and fingerprints, keeping it looking good for longer.

Offered in Atlas Silver, the OtterBox Folding Stand for MagSafe is priced at $39.95, and is available from the OtterBox website.