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New Ikea & Sonos Symfonisk AirPlay lamp leaks with changeable lampshades

Images of the new Symfonisk lamps from Ikea

A support document for Symfonisk speakers has inadvertently leaked a second-generation AirPlay 2 compatible lamp with new swappable lampshades.

The new product appears to come in separate pieces, a base, and two lampshade choices. Customers can purchase any of the three in black or white.

According to a Reddit user, they spotted lampshades in an Ikea labeled for Symfonisk lamps. However, they were not compatible with the old device. After a search for the product ID, a Portuguese support document showed images of the new lamp.

The Verge shared images of the documentation showing each component's pricing, though a release date isn't known. The lamp base is about $150, the fabric shade is about $25, and the glass shade is about $35.

The original Symfonisk lamp cost $179, which included the base and glass shade all-in-one. It has been heavily discounted and will likely be discontinued once the second-generation model releases.

The new Symfonisk lamp will support AirPlay 2, according to the document, just like its predecessor. Since it is also a Sonos speaker, it can be added to an existing Sonos system and paired with other Symfonisk lamps in stereo.