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Twitter turns Like icon into Apple logo for #AppleEvent posts

On the day of Apple's California Streaming' presentation and an expected iPhone 13 launch, Twitter is celebrating by updating its Like button to briefly display the Apple logo.

Twitter users are already seeing promotion for Tuesday's Apple event, with the hashtag #AppleEvent using a hashflag icon since September 7. On Tuesday, Twitter made a second and more unusual change to the service.

Users who click the Like icon on a post containing #AppleEvent will see the icon change from a heart outline to the neon Apple logo. After appearing for a second, the Apple logo spins around to display a filled heart icon.

The animation seemingly doesn't appear for all users, as tests in some browsers like Chrome don't show the altered icon. The animation does, however, appear in the iOS and macOS versions of the Twitter app.

While hashflags usually last for days or weeks, it is unknown how long Twitter will use the modified Like animation for. It is likely to be brief.