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Ikea's $40 hidden wireless charger will recharge your iPhone through your desk

Ikea has introduced Sjomarke, a Qi-compatible charger that can turn desks and shelves into a wireless charging point, by being secretly installed underneath the surface.

While there are a number of furniture products and devices with embedded wireless charging coils on the market, there are relatively few options for people who want to add wireless charging to an existing piece of furniture, without using a visible wireless charger. With Ikea's latest release, it aims to solve that with the Sjomarke.

Priced at $39.99, the wireless charging pad measures seven inches by three inches and is encased in plastic. Though not necessarily great to look at, the intent is for it not to be seen in regular use at all.

The idea is to mount the Sjomarke charging pad on the underside of a desk, shelf, or another surface, and for it to automatically charge any wireless charging compatible devices placed and aligned with the unit on the opposite side. A cross sticker is supplied, to denote where on the top of the surface users should place their iPhone for charging.

Mountable with tape or screws, the system requires a desktop or shelf that is at least 8mm to a maximum of 22mm (5/16 inches to 7/8 inches) to work properly and safely. Ikea warns that the charger should not be used directly with an iPhone or other devices, as it is intended for indirect charging through material like wood or plastic.

A six-foot-long cable is supplied for power, as well as the power supply itself.

Ikea lists the Sjomarke Wireless Charger on its website, but it is currently out of stock at all U.S. stores, and is unavailable for home delivery at the time of publication.

The hidden wireless charger is Ikea's latest move in tech. The furniture giant has an extensive range of smart devices, with many including support for HomeKit and AirPlay 2.